My name is Raquel Andaluz, but my friends call me Ra because, as the Egyptian god, I always bring the sun on the things I do. I grew professionally in Barcelona, a particularly sensitive city to issues related to design. In the last ten years I´ve worked in several European cities, exploring and absorbing different styles and working methods in the field of interior design. The many experiences I´ve had, developed my consciousness that design is a tool able to change cultural habits and to influence directly the society. When I meet people skeptical about the utility of the designer, I always answer that designers have the task of introducing new habits and stimulating sustainable production processes in projects.
Furthermore, the good design should be flexible and dynamic enough to adjust to the new needs without losing its timeless character.

The passion I feel for my profession is reflected in a dedicated and exigent way of working which is mostly valued in teamwork, fits into different areas and constantly considers the overall project: from architecture to product design, from lighting to the graphic image and communication.

You can have a look at my CV here.