Coworking Offices

This project consists in the integral refurbishment of a four plants industrial building located in Casablanca (Morocco) as the new headquarters for a group of construction companies.
The project was realized in collaboration with the design studio eltejadoazul.
The project aims to highlight, through the interior design, the fresh and dynamic spirit of the youth teams of the companies.
It is proposed the maximum aperture of the building to the outside and a wooden slat system, that acts like false ceilings, wall covering and underlines areas of circulation.
The daily work areas are provided with a casual character. We used coloured MDF for the formation of the partition walls and for the meeting rooms and offices. The circulation spaces are combined with meeting and resting spaces where color predominates.
On the other hand, official working areas, treated with oak wood flooring and furniture in neutral tones, have a more formal and elegant character.