Villa Marrakech

The villa is situated close to Marrakech (Moroco) and has a classical Arabic architectural structure constituted by a central courtyard surrounded by arches which articulates the circulation of the house.
The project goal is to refine the shapes of the existing structure and accommodate the use and aesthetics of the villa as a holiday home for a local family.
The project of interior design carried out in collaboration with the design studio eltejadoazul, starts from the premise of maintaining the Arabic aesthetic and cultural patterns by providing the villa new uses and spaces as a cinema room, a bar area and a reception .
The courtyard becomes the protagonist of the project: different surrounding spaces are raised with flexible sliding elements that enable the private and public use, depending on the exigencies of the owners.
Between the representative elements of the local architecture, it is repeated a reinterpretation of Arabic latticework, which is integrated into wall panels, false ceilings, banisters and furniture designing. It is also used a local stone for the flooring of the courtyard and a continuous wall covering called “tadelakt”.